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The Fruit of Passion

White and Red, Sparkling and Still, Aged and Dessert Wines

The assortment of our wines satisfies every palate and particularly those who are curious to taste a piece of history in a glass. It all comes from the research in the vineyard to end up in wines that refer to the family tradition, to the territory where they belong to as well as to the passion handed down from generation to generation.

“Starting from the legacy that our great-grandfather left us, we have reached the tables of the world today. Our wines, reds and whites, are appreciated also outside Italy, in the rest of Europe, Asia and America. This success is due to the great dedication of our ancestors, but also to the ability to evolve, research and keep up with the times, without compromising quality and craftsmanship with which we made wine yesterday, we continue to do so today and we will continue tomorrow”.